2020. The best year for an eye exam?

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20/20 means a lot to eye doctors because that is the minimum goal we have for your vision with the right prescription. But, it is so much more than that. Visual acuity is a measurement of how good your vision is with and without the best possible prescription. Some people have 20/20 without eyeglasses and some have it only with eyeglasses on. Unfortunately, many people do not have it with or without eyeglasses. Usually, because they have an eye disease that limits their best-corrected vision.


All that being said, is 2020 the best year for an eye exam? No, not really. The best year for a complete eye examination is every year.


Not only do we want you seeing as well as you possibly can with a good quality pair of eyeglasses, but we want to make sure that your eyes are healthy and there are no concerns that we need to monitor or refer to a specialty eye surgeon. The most common losses of vision are due to cataracts and macular degeneration, but many systemic health problems can also lead to vision loss if they are not well controlled. In addition, certain systemic health problems can affect the eye if they are not monitored and appropriately treated by an eye care professional. These include problems like diabetic eye disease, inflammatory conditions, or side effects of medications. Other eye conditions that can usually be well controlled if followed regularly, like glaucoma, need specialty testing to diagnose and treat. Dry eyes are also a huge contributor to the quality of your vision. Make sure you mention any concerns you have about dryness in your eyes to your optometrist. We want everyone to have the best vision and eye health that is possible. 


We are making 2020 our best year ever for providing care to our patients. Come see us for a routine eye examination this year at one of our 3 locations: Lendrum Eyecare, Allin Eye Clinic, and Doctors Eyecare. Happy New Year!!!