Harmonious contrasts

Throughout our 30-year history, MODO has offered eyewear that delivers lightness and lasting quality. Our designs are reflections of the world around us – in architectural precision as well as the harmonious contrasts between strength, structure, and light. 

Since 1990, we have grown from our New York roots and now unite the city’s progressive spirit with our Italian design heritage and Scandinavian minimalism. Each new collection merges innovative compositions, inspired material combinations, and refined aesthetics for eyewear that links form and function in perfect balance.





School Vision Screenings

Ophthalmic Nurses visit schools to screen all students and take visual acuity measurements. Teachers are also trained in general eye health and care. Students whose vision indicates impairment or blindness are listed for secondary examinations.

Secondary Exams

Partner hospital staff (optometrists and refraction nurses) conduct free visual acuity and refraction exams with students identified for follow-up. Children requiring glasses receive free prescription eyewear. Children diagnosed with other eye diseases are referred to the partner hospital for free treatment.

Treatment and Education

Seva partners visit the school to distribute the free glasses to children, complete with a final exam to ensure the child’s clear vision.
Teachers invite families to the school, where the students and families are educated about their child’s condition and treatment, including the importance of wearing glasses.
Seva partners develop long-term programs with the schools to allow for annual student screenings, referrals for treatment, and to monitor the utilization of glasses.