Frequently Asked Questions

In case of emergency, please go to the Royal Alex Hospital, located at 10240 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB. The phone number is 780-735-4111.

Children should get their first exam at 6 months of age, then around age 2, and by age 5 we start seeing them every year until age 19.

Healthy adults should be seen every 2 years. Contact lens wearers, diabetics, children and healthy seniors should be seen every year.

Alberta Health will cover you for routine care if you are 18 years and younger and if you are 65 years and older.  They will also cover anyone at any age for medically necessary exams (red eyes, sudden change in vision, foreign body in your eye, diabetic exams, etc.).

Every insurance plan is different.  We can help you determine whether or not your plan covers your exam.

We direct all insurance providers that will allow us to direct bill.  The list changes often, so call your provider to see if they allow direct billing and then check with our office to make sure we are able to direct bill.

Yes! We have a fantastic selection of frames, and we can help you find the right fit for both your frames and your lenses.