Frequently Asked Questions

We commence each comprehensive eye examination not only by familiarizing ourselves with your eyes but also with you as an individual! Our highly skilled technicians will prepare you for your consultation with our Optometrists by conducting various screening tests. These tests include assessing intraocular pressures, establishing baseline measurements for refractive errors, wide-angle retina imaging, and conducting lower lid meibography to evaluate dry eyes. Additionally, we’ll measure your current prescription glasses and sunglasses.

During your consultation with our Optometrists, they will review the results of these tests, conduct a thorough assessment of your overall eye health to determine if further evaluations are needed, address any issues related to dry eyes, and prescribe appropriate eyeglasses.

Following the examination, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Opticians or stylists to address any additional queries, schedule follow-up appointments, and elaborate on the Optometrist’s assessment. This session will also include cleaning and adjusting your existing eyewear and providing personalized recommendations for eyewear and lenses.

To request an eye examination, please click HERE!

Lendrum Eye Centre is equipped to handle eye emergencies like a sudden increase of floaters or sudden flashes of light in your vision, eye infections, red or sore eyes, foreign bodies like metal, and more. If you are experiencing these please call us at 780-437-1409 for us to triage and see you as soon as necessary.

In case of an after hours emergency, please go to the Royal Alex Hospital, located at 10240 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB. The phone number is 780-735-4111.

It is recommended that children receive their initial eye examination at 6 months of age, followed by another examination around the age of 2. Subsequently, from the age of 5 onwards, it is advisable for them to undergo annual eye check-ups until they reach the age of 19. Additionally, we provide the option of undergoing additional testing, such as a wide-angle retina scan, during each examination to detect early indications of eye diseases. This supplementary test incurs a fee of $40. It’s important to note that the basic eye examination itself is covered by Alberta Health Care until the individual turns 19.

Healthy adults should be seen every 2 years. Contact lens wearers, diabetics, children and healthy seniors should be seen every year.

Alberta Health will cover you for routine care if you are 18 years and younger and if you are 65 years and older.  They will also cover anyone at any age for medically necessary exams (red eyes, sudden change in vision, foreign body in your eye, diabetic exams, etc.).

Every insurance plan is different.  We can help you determine whether or not your plan covers your exam.

We are able to process insurance direct billing with over 30 companies. Our team has worked hard to connect with providers to make the process as easy as possible. Please note that not all companies allow direct billing.

Yes! We have a fantastic selection of frames, and we can help you find the right fit for both your frames and your lenses. Our sunglasses package starts at $249 for polarized prescription lenses AND frames!