Comprehensive Eye Exams

We commence each thorough eye examination by not only acquainting ourselves with your eyes but also with you! Our extensively trained technicians will prepare you for consultation with our Optometrists by conducting various screening tests. These tests include assessing your intraocular pressures, establishing baseline measurements for refractive errors, capturing wide-angle retina images, and conducting lower lid meibography to evaluate dry eyes. Additionally, we’ll measure your current prescription glasses and sunglasses.

During your exam with our Optometrists, they will analyze the test results, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your eye health to determine the need for further tests, address the causes of dry eyes, and prescribe eyeglasses accordingly.

Following the examination, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Opticians or stylists. They will address any additional queries, schedule follow-up appointments, and elaborate on the Optometrist’s assessment. This session will also involve cleaning and adjusting your current eyewear. Finally, they will offer personalized recommendations for eyewear and lenses.

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